Increased prospects for a sizeable fiscal stimulus under the incoming Biden administration appeared to be the key factor driving last week’s gains.

Democrats managed to gain control of the Senate, given the tie-breaking vote by incoming Vice President Kamala Harris. The world was shaken on Wednesday when protestors stormed the U.S Capitol. This assault appeared to unsettle markets, but only modestly. Economic data were mixed last week. ISM manu...
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Commentary report

Market Commentary & Outlook

The prospects of a relief package being passed before the election seemed to dim further, while coronavirus worries also seemed to dampen sentiment during much of the week. US President Trump said on Thursday he would agree to go higher than the $1.8tn that the White House has offered in coronavirus...
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Coronavirus concerns weigh on risky assets.

By the end of the week, approximately 14,000 cases had been reported and at least 304 deaths, the World Health Organization (WHO) had declared the outbreak a global health emergency. However, the WHO did not recommend any travel or trade restrictions, though the Chinese have imposed extensive travel...
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