Our team offers bespoke research and analysis. As we want our research to make a real difference and have a positive impact on our clients, we use a wide range of information sources and analytical tools, enabling us to address ambiguous questions or tackle complex analytical challenges.

Equity Research

We aim to deliver bespoke, timely, objective and high-quality equity research. Our analysts offer in-depth and differentiated research coverage across a wide-array of industries including:

– Retail and Consumer

– Oil & Gas

– Healthcare

– Real Estate

As our client, you would be dealing with professionals who have a deep understanding of the equities markets that have the know-how to provide thoughtful, insightful and differentiated research so that you can make informed investment decisions.

Technical Analysis

We deliver personalised technical research and consulting. We offer an extensive coverage across various markets in all asset classes. Our technical research includes strategic ideas, tactical views and other in-depth market studies. Our research is available from intraday to 1-year outlook with strategic and tactical scenarios. This multi-horizon approach give us the opportunity to see the bigger picture and provide insights on current and future market dynamics.

Real Estate Valuation

Through our professional network and deep insight of our team’s knowledge of current market conditions, we provide valuations services whether you are a private owner, investor, public sector or private individual, whether commercial or residential. Our dedicated team will give you a vigorous opinion that combines intelligence and foresight. We provide various types of valuations, based on clients’ needs:

– Prior to putting a property up for sale or rent

– Prior a merger or acquisition

– To assess your portfolio and its potential

– To monitor and measure the performance and real value of your investments

– For loan security purposes

Our valuations take into consideration the qualitative assessment of clients’ assets, the location and local market, comparisons with recent similar transactions in the area, market analysis and forecasts.

To find out what we can offer you, contact us.